Women who code are sometimes hard to find, but our TechGirl Bestie Meral Arik from Overdressed and Overeducated (or ODOE) found some awesome ladies to interview. On her wo/men empowerment platform she often interviews women in technology. One of the interviews is from Malavika Vivek. She is the executive director of Girls Make Apps, an American nonprofit organization that promotes coding amongst girls.

We hand picked this article from ODOE because we want to show you the many faces of women who code or otherwise work in the tech industry. Maybe it will even inspire you to pave your way into programming. For more inspiration, visit Meral’s website!

Women who code – Malavika Vivek

Malavika’s interview highlights how she experienced no female role models in the STEM field. When joining hackatons and other computer science activities such as clubs, she noticed there were mainly men present. Malavika saw it as a challenge to change that. So she set up her two ventures Women Tech eXchange and Girls Make Apps.
In her every day life, Malavika tries to be the role model young girls need so that they feel that they can accomplish everything they want. This goal helps her stay focused and determined to make her ventures a succes. As she says: “my mission is far more significant than my personal doubts and I am constantly inspired by the sheer brilliance I see in these girls.”
Malavika has a very interesting response to the question of how to get more female leaders. She believes that creating female leaders has to start by women being female leaders. Seeing other women in successful positions ensures for younger women to feel that the possibilities are limitless. By setting up Girls Make Apps, she hopes to create a support network for a lifetime. The women in this network have each other to look up to and get inspired by. And for every woman in that network who breaks a glass ceiling, she can take another woman with her.


Originally published by Overdressed & Overeducated on July 16, 2017. Overdressed & Overeducated is a Next Generation Wo/men Empowerment Platform created by Chava Founding Team member, Meral Arik.



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