Why people still love Twitter

One day someone started saying Twitter was dead, and I thought that it would actually be true. But Twitter is definitely not dead yet, even though it did not really change that much lately. This is why people still love Twitter.

I used to be very active on Twitter myself, I think I joined in 2009 and a few years later I was already at 15K Tweets. But I am using it less, which mainly has to do with the negativity on the platform. Often journalists use it to share their articles, their opinions but there are a few people out there that seem to enjoy pointing other people’s mistakes out in public. And that is just not me.

Twitter is lovely

The reason though, that I haven’t yet deleted my account, is because Twitter is lovely. It is short, it offers a place for gifs and videos and pictures, without forcing you to use them. On Facebook a post looks weird without a pic, at Instagram the caption usually does not add to it, and on Twitter somehow the two can exist together so much better.

Also, it is a simpler website and app, so you will get to the things you want to see very swiftly. And it is short so you can respond short. Even though it sounds crazy: you may only use that many characters, it is so liberating at the same time. Not that everything about Twitter is perfect: it is annoying that you will get messages about a persons tweets, even though you are not asking for it.

Why do I see Tweets by people I don’t follow?

And you will also see tweets by people you are not following, just because your friends all like them. Sometimes even that will give you a notification, which is just ridiculous as it is usually not that inspiring. On the other hand, I understand why Twitter would add it: it just tries to make the platform a bit more social.

However, Twitter is fine if just sticks to the basics, cause that is what people so obviously love about it. As do I.

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