Hi all! How-To-Tuesday time. This week it’s about stepping up your Snapchat game. Now that Vine has shut down, we should all be a little more creative on Snapchat. There is a lot possible, so I decided to give you a couple of tips here. I feel like Snapchat is still bigger than Instagram stories. What’s your take on that?

If you still haven’t joined Snapchat, I highly recommend you do. It’s a way for people to see you in your personal life. It’s also a way to promote your blog or business. It gives an informal behind the scenes feel, and shows people your life isn’t as perfect as it is on Instagram. No styled photos, just you talking. Sometimes without makeup. Cue gasp.

Personally, I wish I was a bigger and better Snapchatter. As you might have noticed, I usually Snapchat from my couch or my car. Rarely do you see me Snapchatting out in the wild. I just feel really awkward talking to my phone in public. How do you do it? Do you mind if people look at you funny?

Just because I don’t Snapchat in public, doesn’t mean I don’t have some cool tricks up my sleeve. So, let’s get started.

1. Handsfree Snapchatting

I sometimes hate having to press the record button while talking because my fat fingers get in front of the microphone and block the sound. Don’t pretend like this never happened to you. Good news: you can Snapchat handsfree.

  1. On you iPhone, go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> AssistiveTouch.
  2. Turn on AssistiveTouch
  3. Click on Create New Gesture
  4. Press your finger to the screen until the beam at the bottom is completely blue
  5. Save the gesture and give it a cool name like “No hands!”
  6. Then go to Customise Top Level Menu, and put your newly created “No hands!” gesture in the main menu

You can now go to Snapchat and choose the “No hands!” gesture in your AssistiveTouch menu. Place the circle on top of the record button, and start recording.

*Heads up: recording handsfree is only 10 seconds (whereas Snapchat recording with hands is 15).

2. Create a cool Snapchat intro

If you watch my Snapchats, you know I have some slick intros. At least, I hope you think that… There are a couple of ways to make an intro. You can go to Snapcut and design your intro there, or completely make your own.

There are only three things you need for recording an intro: your phone, music, and your creativity. You can create an intro using a moving background (from Giphy, for example), your favorite song on Spotify and some emojis in Snapchat.

  1. Play your Giphy on the compter
  2. Record your background with Snapchat (using music in the background)
  3. Edit your recording in Snapchat,
  4. and then save it to your memories or camera roll.

Whenever you want to use your intro, select it and send it as a story (or to your friends directly, of course).

Send me your creations! Would love to see them ? Snapchat name is: Techinheels

3. Add multiple filters

Small, but easy trick! I am not talking about the dog face filters, but the ones you use when swiping left or right (like the geofilter and time).

  1. Take a picture
  2. Swipe right or left and select a filter
  3. Now hold the screen with one finger, and swipe right or left with another finger
  4. Choose your second filter

Need help? Snap me!

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Co-founder of TechGirl.com. Owner of Tech in Heels. Online communication specialist, a coder in the making & tech influencer. Loves anything pink. Instagram addicted. Purple hair, don't care!

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