Hi! This is Sofia from Uruguay. I’m a computer science student and I am one of the few females of my class. I wonder why…

“In Uruguay, women are seen as savvy users of communication devices.”

Uruguay is a small country located between Argentina and Brazil in South America with a population of 3.5 millions. We are a young country, product of the Spanish colonization process having 95% of our population alphabetized. Latin American cultures are heavily influenced by their European colonization ancestry.

Unfortunately, they have not evolved at the same pace so women role in these societies has been back-stepped by over 60 years…

Admitting that social differences are more pronounced, still the stereotype of an educated women does not include technological career options. Women are seen as savvy users of communication devices.

Sofía’s story

I do not have the knowledge to explain the nature of this gender gap, all I can do is express myself from my own point of view, share my experience and tell girls (specially those who are in similar societies) that technology is a GREAT area in which to bloom in freedom. Technology allows you to have immediate contact with peers in developed countries, to speak in a language that has no boundaries…

It wasn’t that easy for me to get here. I liked arts, maths, literature. I actually started a career in communications. It only took two days for me to realize that that wasn’t what I liked. I missed class on the third day and went to FIND OUT what Software Engineering was. I was fascinated.

While enrolling, I realized where the problem lied. Uruguayan girls don’t know what computer science is nor what programming consists of. There is a hole in the educational program which misses out, in my humble opinion, one of the main pillars of the future. If only did I know, my last three years would have been completely different!


This is why I started TechieGirls. With the few tools I have I seek to generate a change in my country and to inspire girls from all over the world. Showing that even in a very small country in nearly the end of the world, the power of an idea can inspire other girls in other countries. e.g We have been contacted from Mexico to start the same movement there. Great ideas have no boundaries!

This article was written by guest writer Sofía Moran, TechGirl in Uruguay.

4 Responses

  1. María

    With all due respect, in Uruguay girls do not study a career based in technology because they dont want to. NOBODY tells them no. There is NO glass ceiling when it comes to choosing a career. Please stop trying to bring misguided attention to this topic and give wrong statements just because being a feminisim advocate is whats new. Also, you make it look like women are extremely looked down to in the workspace which to an extent is far from the truth.


    • Anke Horstman

      Hi Maria, on our blog we give our own opinions. It’s okay that you don’t agree with it, but the story is about how Sofia feels about the situation. If you would like to write your opinion about this, feel free to write a guest article for us 😉

      • María


        I understand this is about opinions so I felt free to share mine! It simply angered me to see how bad it made Uruguay look. Please note I meant no harm or offence so I truly apologise if it was taken the wrong way.

        Thank you for your kind offer but I do not feel qualified to write such article.

        Once again, best!


    • Javi

      Hey! I absolutely agree with the “There is NO glass ceiling when it comes to choosing a career”, but I recon that in Uruguay Computer Science is not given the importance it needs. There are no programming nor robotics courses in the “liceos publicos y escuelas publicas”. It is also true that girls discard tech careers due to the lack of women in the field ( happened to my daughter). I really liked the article 🙂 Keep it up Sofia! Oh, and some women ARE looked down to in the workspace. I suggest you do some research on the topic. The ONU has published some great articles .


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