Skype has a new desktop-app which makes it possible for people to video call in HD. You can have a video call with up to 24 people at once and it is possible to record them too. The app is available for Windows (obv!), but Mac and Linux too.

No secrets for Skype

Watch out, cause you cannot just secretly record the video. All people will receive a notification. It is very attractive to record them though, especially now that it’s no longer in a resolution of 480p but 1080p. Amazing. You can even share your screen so you can show your images, files and videos for a kick-ass presentation. Or you just send them, as you can send over files of max 300 MB.

There is a bit of other modernisation too, cause now in a text chat you can talk to a specific person by using the @, just like you would in Slack or Twitter. It is so good to see Microsoft putting in the work to make Skype more successful, especially as people are using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for this kind of things these days.

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