Should you respond to LinkedIn-recruiters?

LinkedIn is a social medium I keep wondering about. Where you can basically put anything on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, LinkedIn is much more restricted. Not literally, cause if you do want to use it to share that pic of your dog wearing a hat you should, but it really is meant for just business talk. Which is why you often find recruiters on there. But if one actually reaches out to you, what should you do?

Of course, you should be flattered, as it is always cool if someone is interested in what you do. I am not sure if people really look at the endorsements from others on your profile, but it definitely pays off to share a lot of what you do or what you’re interested in businesswise. That helps a recruiter a lot in understanding what it is that makes you tick.

IT skills

Also, if you have any IT skills, it is very advisable to put them on your profile. Even if you are not actively looking for a job, it never hurts to see what else it out there, right? IT skills are often the ultimate trigger for recruiters to find you. When I put my Salesforce Admin-course in my profile, not even the certificate (which I still need to do exam for), I immediately got so many DM’s from recruiters, even for jobs that were not even in the country I currently live in.

But, the question is: should you respond? Though there probably are some scams and people with bad intentions out there, it never hurts to see what they want right? Plus: because they are on LinkedIn, you can check out their profiles too, and even call the company they say they work for to check if the information they provide is correct.

They might want to help you

Even if you are not interested, it is the human thing to do to just let them know: I am sorry, but I am not looking. Or perhaps you are looking for a job elsewhere, you can let them know and they might reach out to you again when they do find something that fits their needs. In the end the passion of the recruiter is usually to connect people to jobs that really make them happy, and therefor make people happy.

I have been doing freelance work for a very renowned worldwide company because of a message I got on LinkedIn. So even if you are not looking for something fulltime, there is still a lot else out there. Go for it!

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