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HTML/CSS lesson 4

In lesson 1, you’ve learned some basic HTML. In lesson 2 we’ve added some basic CSS. In lesson 3 we've talked about classes and IDs. Let's make a homepage. Creating a homepage In previous lessons, we covered ... Read More...

Google Maps is about to get delicious!

You know when you travel you look for restaurants on TripAdvisor just to pick one and look the address up in Google Maps so it will navigate you to that location? Google seems to be wanting to cut the whole TripAdvisor-part out of your touristy experience, as ... Read More...
Nerd Squad

Skype is getting a whole lot better

Skype has a new desktop-app which makes it possible for people to video call in HD. You can have a video call with up to 24 people at once and it is possible to record them too. The app is available for Windows (obv!), but Mac and Linux too. No secrets for... Read More...

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