My first time on an e-bike

In the Netherlands it is pretty standard to ride a bicycle. Many mothers use it to bring their kids to school, kids use it to cycle to their sports club and there are lots of working people that go to the offic... Read More...

Propose with this Instagram phone case!

Propose with this special Instagram phone case, perfect for Instagram couples and bridal influencers. I'm talking about the Rokshok, a storage place and frame in one. 💍 The Rokshok is a phone case that 1) serves as a storage place for the ring and 2) provid... Read More...
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HTML/CSS lesson 1

Are you a TechGirl and looking for some new skills? Maybe this article can help you with that! This article is a quick HTML lesson for starters. The structure Let’s start with the basic structure. Doctype ... Read More...

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