Going on a date and not sure what to wear? Yeah, we’ve all encountered that situation one time or another. Unfortunately, friends aren’t always in your room to help you pick the outfit. In that case, you can turn to Questie for style advice.

What is Questie?

Questie is an app that lets you make “right fashion decisions by simplifying the process of getting feedback connecting to friends and fashion experts.” The name is quite simple: question + selfie = Questie! In the app you can send selfies to friends and fashion influencers who will then answer your burning fashion questions and give you their opinion on your outfits or photos.

How does it work?

For now, Questie is only available for iOS, but a little birdie told me Android is coming soon. After downloading the app, the only thing you have to do to register is enter your phone number. You will receive a code to log in. From there, Questie will guide you through the app with instructions. You don’t need to be very tech savvy for this app. It basically guides itself.

Questie app


The process is simple: you either send a Yes/No Questie or multiple pictures so your friends can vote on their favorite option. When you receive multiple options, press the corresponding option at the bottom of the picture. To answer a Yes/No Questie, swipe left for no and right for yes. Trendy Tinder.

Questie voting

Why Questie and not just a selfie?

Legitimate question. Questie centers around your question so your picture doesn’t get lost in the usual chain of messages. The focus is all on your outfit because friends can’t change the subject. Also, Questie will keep a log of your previous questions. This way you can keep track of your friends’ style advice. To me, the biggest advantage of Questie is the fact that I can receive feedback from fashion influencers. The easy access to professional opinions really adds value.

Questie user

Influencer Hannah from Rose Lining is on Questie to help you out

Pretty Proper Quaint

Andrea from Pretty Proper Quaint is also one of the influencers on Questie

Use cases

It goes without saying Questie is useful when shopping. In fact, it might even save you some money because you are no longer buying bad bargains. But I can think of many other ways of using Questie, as well. For example, deciding your next Instagram picture. Who better to ask than an influencer who has more than 10,000 followers? Or maybe you can’t decide between a cut crease and dark smokey eye. Your friends on Questie will tell you.

It doesn’t even have to be a fashion question. You can send pictures and people can vote to help you decide. Simple.

Gillian uses Questie

The future of Questie

I have had the opportunity to talk to the creators of Questie, and I asked them about their top secret future plans. Nothing is set in stone, but they are working on building Questie into iMessage. The iMessage app allows friends to vote directly by SMS instead of signing up for the app. If you didn’t know iMessage has apps now, read this. Personally, I feel like building it into iMessage is a great choice since you won’t have to open an extra app to use the voting system. We all know switching apps is 2015!

As for use cases, this app is a great way for stylists to connect with their target audience. Personal shoppers get to interact with their customers on an informal basis. As a daytime marketeer, I think this is a great tool to build the trust between customer and stylist. Questie’s platform also closes the gap between us serial shoppers and fashion professionals, benefiting both parties.

Final thoughts

Questie = style bestie. Because the app focuses on your question, you can expect a quick, easy and unambiguous answer. We all know how girlfriends like to sugarcoat or even avoid the question (especially if you look fat in those jeans). They mean well, though. With Questie, fashion influencers, bloggers and stylists are within arm’s reach to give you advice.

I am looking forward to the future where Questie gets built into iMessage and the launch of the Android app. Although the app is still in its early stages, the potential is great. Especially for all the use cases I mentioned above. I will definitely continue using it.

Although, rethink sending me your fashion related questions. Maybe I should vote on your next laptop ?

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