Being in the midsummer has its pro’s and cons. While we’re being so happy with the sunny weather, we also realize the winter time is coming. But, that actually means good stuff too. HTC for example, is releasing it’s first big consumer blockchain phone in the third quarter of this year. That is practically now. Want to know what a blockchain phone is and why it’s cool? Here goes!

HTC’s new phone is called Exodus, but it is mainly known as HTC’s blockchain phone as that is the unique selling point of it. Blockchain means lots of its operations are decentralized, so you have more control over where your data comes from. As the name suggests, blockchain means the phone consists out of a series of records. A chain of blocks. Each block has it’s own identifier as if it were a fingerprint. It is not easy to change them and they all influence one another, like a chain reaction.


This whole blockchain thing means this phone needs a lot of processing power and we wonder if that is something HTC is willing to put in, as it is also meant to be a consumer phone. It is a bit vague still, which is odd as the phone will be coming out soon. We do not even know what operating system this baby is running on, though many people expect it to be Android. It seems to have a camera on it’s back, a place for a microSD card and a screen without a notch.

Anyway, cryptocurrencies are a big thing for this phone and HTC has announced that our addictive little pet Cryptokitties will be involved in this phone. Furthermore, you will find DApps on this phone and a store full of them. DApps are decentralized apps. That means there is no server needed to get the data. You will know exactly where your data is and no one will be able to change it as you as an owner always have the ability to say no whenever access is asked.

HTC Exodus

So there should be many things to do with Exodus, but many people wonder if it is too early for a phone like this. It could mean a great success for HTC, that is not doing amazingly at the moment, or it could become a hype in an instant. It is weird we have not even seen the phone, just the blueprints. We do look forward to it though, can’t wait!

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