How to create cool Insta Stories like the big influencers do

When you’ve been cruising along the Instagram highway lately, you might have noticed that there’s a whole new level to some people’s Insta Stories. And if you like your graphics like I do, you might want to know as well how exactly to get your feed to look like a pro. Well, here’s how they do it…

To set things straight, this is not a tutorial on how to create beautiful photo’s or films. So if you’re looking for that kind of information I’d suggest you go look on YouTube, there’s lots of tutorials out there. You can even buy presets for Photoshop or Lightroom if you’re into that sort of thing (I’m still sorting that out for myself, so maybe in the (near) future I might tell you how to do that as well…).

Now get to work with…

Most bloggers and influencers have help on the Insta Stories department. A few basic one to create a nice collage is Layout. Hyperlapse or Canva are another few you might want to try out to create cool videos or nice templates. But these have been there for a while now and might not fulfill your pretty Instagram dreams. Now there’s a lot out there, but there is a view that seems to be recommended by more than a handful of blogger and influencers. And I’ll feature three of my favorites.

  1. Adobe’s Spark Post

A good app to create amazing templates. With its fancy title cards Sad news for some phone users, this one is only available for Apple and free to use. But you can also use the website on your desktop, which might be a bit more hassle to post to Instagram…


  1. Desygner

Beautiful about this app is the special feature where it connects to Unsplash stockphotography so it’s easier to use in the case you’re not using your own photo’s for the stories but want to create a look and feel another way. It looks a lot like Canva though… Available for Apple and Android.

  1. Unfold

And in my opinion I saved the best one for last. You can create beautiful clean stories with Unfold. I love love love the use of white and the fonts available to create your stories. Available for Apple and Android.


Try these apps

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Then you might want to try these apps that didn’t make my cut, but might make yours:






*Inshot (especially good for videos)

*Over (nice fonts)



*When to post OR Prime (if you want to know the best time to post your story)

Watch and learn

As I said before there are a lot of tutorials on YouTube, even on more apps to create beautiful Instagram Stories, or to create special highlights for Instagram Stories. The key is to watch and learn. And to sometimes be bold and ask the person creating the story how they do it. Want to be inspired? Make sure you follow @tourdelust, @wanderwonders, @studiostationary, @thesundaychapter, @stuffedsuitcase and @theblondeabroad. Not all of their stories are created via app or special tool of course. It takes a lot of time to create and there isn’t just always time…

So now you know. And now get to it! Practice makes perfect! I would love to know how you’re getting along, so tag me @wendy.vantil.

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