As SheEO’s, having a great office is essential for being productive. Some of you share an office unit, and some work from home. In both cases, try to create an inspiring yet productive environment. I’m here to give you some DIY tips on how to do that!


Light is probably one of the main pillars in a space. You want an office with enough light, but not on your monitor, or in your face so you have to squince all day. Natural light gives a productive vibe. When you have an office with too much light, try to put some see-through blinds on your windows. It gives the room a summer feel and your eyes a (much needed) break. Your evening headaches will disappear, too!

A view

An office with a view seems nice, and clients love it. But chances are, you will get distracted. A beautiful view can inspire, though. My view is not out of a window, it’s a wall. I painted it in an awesome geometric pattern in bold colors. When I feel bored, the wall never fails to cheer me up. To create a wall like this, you need tape for sharp edges, a brush, and some leftover paint in several colors. Tape random shapes on the wall and paint them. Let them dry, remove the tape and tape a new selection of shapes, and paint them again. If you have a knack for calligraphy, try finishing  it of with an inspiring quote.

The desk

Please, this is important! I know there are a lot hipster desks around. Lovely steel constructions with a robust wooden finish. Lovely indeed! But when your occupation is a desk job, please buy a desk that fits your physical needs. You have to keep in mind that your body has to last a while. The same goes for the chair. The desk and chair have to be ajustable to your body, so you don’t develop any physical problems over the years. A good adjustable desk doesn’t mean it has to be dull. I bought a shiny red table top from Ikea with white adjustable legs to finish it off. I DIY-ed a bit to create this customized desk. I bought an Ikea wall shelf in the same shiny red finish and mounted white kitchen legs on the bottom. The kitchen legs are adjustable so the desk is never wobbly. It gives the desk some elevation, I can put my monitors on it, and I can store things under it. The desk always seems tidy this way!


My bookcase is filled with some lovely items: books, office supplies and camera gear. Some of the areas of my case are closed with a door, some spaces have drawers. Others are filled with great inserts from Ikea and match the shiny red color from my desk. I can put all the clutter away in a bookcase with different storage units. You can choose to buy a bookcase like this at Ikea, or of course build your own!


I’ll finish of with some lovely office inspiration! #workspacegoals

This totally has me inspired to redecorate my office!! #inspire #office #decor #cozy

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About The Author

Noraly van der Hulst is a passionate front-end developer. She owns a company called Frontrend and is a new mom. Her free time she likes to spend with her camera and ofcourse her family and friends as well.

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