You know when you travel you look for restaurants on TripAdvisor just to pick one and look the address up in Google Maps so it will navigate you to that location? Google seems to be wanting to cut the whole TripAdvisor-part out of your touristy experience, as it will now link restaurants to you based on what you like. Yes, Google Maps is going to get tasty.


It is a very interesting shift away from TripAdvisor, as that is not very personal yet, it is mostly about what the community feels like. Google Maps’ restaurant option will be way more personal, as it will match a restaurant and you based on your preferences.  That sounds great, right? It is like a dating website but better! So how does that work? Let me tell you.

If you use Google Maps you will see an Explore tab where you can look for places to eat. It will now show ratings next to each restaurant, based on how much you will like it. It fits your preferences as it is based on restaurants that you have rated highly. And if you keep rating restaurants, it will also change the ratings on future restaurants you might want to eat at, as it will adjust its ratings to whatever your taste evolves into.

You’ve got a friend in Google Maps

So, instead of just telling us where to go, Google Maps is starting to become more and more of a friend. Someone that will say: Hey, you know which restaurant you’ll like? Here it is! I am very curious if it is just based on the type of cuisine or if it can actually tell that I am a vegetarian and therefor recommend veggie restaurants. I guess I will just have to figure that out by testing that new feature very thoroughly, don’t you think? 😉

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