Could it be the Dutch heritage of, or is it really a cool thing: the big orange lion that Google put on Trafalgar Square (London)? It does not matter, cause it is mainly fascinating what happens within the lion, cause it is London Design Festival. In this case that means: technology!

At we have a bit of a soft spot for beautiful design combined with tech. It does not matter if that design is a scarf for celebs to wear or if it comes in a more architectural form. At the London Design Festival Google teaches us that technology and art go together perfectly well too and its way to show this, is by putting a huge bright colored lion in the middle of one of Londons most beautiful squares.

Es Devlin and Google

Together with Es Devlin, a British designer, Google presents Please Feed The Lions. You can feed the statue by typing a word into a Pixelbook. Now when you type ‘MEAT’ you might expect a loud eating sound coming from the lion, but that is not the case: your word expands to a line of poetry, which can be read in the lion’s mouth through projection.

The more people feed the lion (or Googles brain, basically), the more the poem will evolve into something bigger. The bigger it becomes, the more space it will take up on the statue. It works like this thanks to Ross Goodwin, a technologist who works for Google’s Artists and Machine Intelligence program. He managed to train it on 25 million words out of old poetry.

Please feed the lions

Is there more to love than a lion and a human being making poetry together through technology? There is! The tech makes sure that the orange lion will never repeat a line, so you will always have a totally unique, fresh sentence that will never come back again. It is amazing.

This idea sprung from a conversation about how the lions on the Trafalgar square seem a bit too passive, but Queen Victoria would not like it if they looked too active. It would simply be too shocking for the people. I wonder what she would think of this new way for the lion to express itself.

Curious about what poetry it comes up with? You can check it on this website until the 23rd of September, cause that is when the festival ends.

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