FITC Amsterdam 2019 Day 1 – What I’ve learned

TechGirl Noraly attended FITC Amsterdam on February 18th and 19th. FITC is an event which takes place in Amsterdam and Toronto and has an agenda with a lot of design, UX and tech-related talks. In this article she shares some of her experiences at FITC.


FITC takes place in Amsterdam at ‘Pakhuis de Zwijger’ which is an old warehouse next to a canal. The view is spectacular, but let’s talk about the important things, the event itself. FITC Amsterdam is a relatively small conference but has different stages and a lot of speakers. The speaking areas are medium-sized. The speaker is literally on the same level as the audience, no podiums. Which gives the talks an intimate vibe. You get the feeling the speaker is directly talking to you.

The first day

On the first day, Noraly attended a lot of talks. They were about:

  • Music design
  • The career path of a design lead
  • How to make sure you and your client are on the same level
  • 3D mapping on the runway
  • Storytelling about F*ck-ups in a designers career


One item that seems to be a thing is ‘confidence’. Multiple speakers were touching this subject. Wherever you are a freelance or own agency confidence is an important ‘feature’ you have to have. If you are confident you can rock an assignment, your client will feel the same way about it. When you lack confidence a client doubts the progress and process.

That is a big eye opener I can imagine. Working together with a client is a fragile process, a client with doubt will make the process even harder for both parties.

How could you dismiss the doubts of a client before the relationship is ruined? Invite your client over and create a list of all the clients’ doubts and challenges. Come up with a solution, goal or explanation for every doubt. The client feels heard and you can finish the project with great result.

Do you want to know more about FITC Amsterdam? Stay tuned because Noraly has more content coming your way!

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