I will admit it: I am one of those people that will sign up for a 5K run just to make sure I will actually do the training. Otherwise, I would just be on the couch writing articles and watching movies all day. So, I need all the help I can get in order to finally go running. Motivation is key in getting there, and I have found a new excellent way of getting my ass off the couch: Fitbit Versa.

It is not entirely fair to start my review with this intro, as Fitbit Versa is a lot more than just a way of inspiring me to run. You can use it to track your heart rate, meaning it will let you know by using multiple databases if you have ‘normal’ heart rates, and how you sleep. You can also use it to read your Whatsapp-messages and answer them shortly or to check how your stocks are doing. And, depending on which country you live in, you can also use the watch to pay, as it has a wallet and an NFC chip in it.

Fitbit Versa

It is a pretty budget friendly smartwatch that you can use for much more than just sports. Though I must admit, it is very much about sports. You can do breathing exercises on it, you can use the watch for tracking how many kilometers you ran/walked/cycled and even swam and how fast you were, so you can try to improve yourself every time you get on your bicycle. It is a lot of fun to track your sports activities, and it really motivates to take a walk a bit more. Every hour during my workday that I would have sat at my desk too much, it would start buzzing at 10 minutes to a new hour saying: 252 steps left this hour!

It is really good, also for realizing you should take more stairs and drink more water. Of course, Fitbit mainly wants to make money with their products, but I do believe they really want people to live a healthier lifestyle too and it does so in a very charming way. Versa is a very beautiful watch with a very strong screen, nice square but round-ish design and multiple wristbands to choose from. I especially dig the woven ones, as they are a bit more comfortable around the wrist as my thin skin always handles normal wrists bands pretty badly.

What surprises me every time is how Versa hardly requires any power. The battery life of this watch is approximately 2 to 4 days, which is amazing. It is (of course, because swimming) water proof and it is very strong: I always bump into things and there is not even a scratch on it. What I do dislike is that there is not a way of answering Whatsapp messages with a keyboard, so there is not much freedom. Also, I noticed that my clock was having errors pretty often. About once a week the clock would totally crash. I had a very cute one with a dog that needed me to walk in order to feed him, and if I would not he would walk away. I think it was crashing because it was not an official Fitbit one, but it was a ‘labs’ one. The Fitbit ones are a lot more sturdy, it seems.

A good first smartwatch

My past few weeks using Fitbit Versa were great. At first I really had to tell myself to look at my wrist if I wanted to know what time it was, but soon I would also check my wrist if I was not wearing it. It really is a very nicely designed little computer and the connection to my phone is great too. It is very easy to set it all up and to change the wrists bands or to connect it to your phone. For only 200 euros Versa is a very good first smartwatch, or an excellent friend to go running. You can even listen to music with it, which can be downloaded mp3’s or Deezer. You do need bluetooth-ear plugs to listen, cause there are no audio jacks on the watch itself.

I would definitely recommend Fitbit Versa if you are interested in leading a life a bit more healthy. It is not easy these days to stay fit and eat healthy, but Versa offers many apps and options for you to really keep track of what you are doing and even how you are feeling. With the new female options that are there, you can even track menstrual cycles and when you might be fertile the most in case you are trying to get pregnant. There really are many options for this watch and as it is low budget, even if you end up not using it for sports too much, you can still really enjoy the many other possibilities.

Fitbit Versa makes you want to run
Price / Quality7
Easy use8.5
8.1Let's crunch some numbers

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