From 18th till the 20th of September I was invited to a super secret press event from HP in London. If you are not familiar with HP, it’s a hardware company since 1939 founded by William Hewlett and David Packard.

New design esthetic at HP

HP is taking their design to the next level. A decade ago there was not a cohesive design team at HP. Nowadays there’s a design team divided over three offices. Their latest inspiration is ‘modern vintage’ and the combining design and fashion with practical functionality without being a weird ‘brain fart’.

It’s weird that we carry around so many hard and aluminum devices that are not representing our lives like a nice purse would. You choose your bag a statement piece as well for the functionality of it. HP wanted the same for their newest laptop. A product that fits your aesthetic and style and functions well in business and personal use.

So meet the HP Spectre folio. The first leather laptop ever. No, it’s not a laptop in a leather case or sleeve. The laptop has a leather exterior. It has a folio, laptop, media and tablet mode, so it’s very versatile in the day to day life.


Why use leather?

HP dug in the premium trends. A lot of premium products has details in leather. It’s a modern vintage look which you can find in wardrobe choice, but also in the industrial living room. HP looked for premium and durable materials to work with otter the magnesium and aluminum. The leather spoke to them. It’s a natural product that gives you a feeling. It has a specific feel and smell to it. Who have smelled their laptop before, you?

Practical features

Like I said the folio can be used in different modes. Other than the HP 360, this model changes shape without leaving your lap. You can easily pull the screen and let it stand in media mode. When you pull it even further it will land in tablet mode. A big plus in comprising with the HP 360, it that the keyboard is folded in. For the audio, they paired up with Bang & Olufsen. In the folio is an audio bar integrated. Through this design, the audio will be superior in every mode. Even the tablet mode.

The HP Spectre Folio will be available in the colors Cognac/Ash and Bordeaux/Burgundy. They probably add more colors to the product line in the future.

The battery life is crazy. It will hold up to 18 hours without recharging. It comes with a 4K display and you can get a 4G internet connection with the SIM integrated SIM slot. The HP Spectre folio can be paired with the HP tilt pen for a perfect experience in tablet mode. Added to the product line as well, a few wax canvas bags.


This product is already acknowledged for its design. By the time of writing the final results are not in, but the HP Spectre folio made it to the final 100 at the Good design awards of Japan, one of the toughest hardware markets in the world.

Final thoughts

Of course, Techgirl will try to get our hands on the folio as soon as possible so we can try it a while for an in-depth review. For now the final thoughts; It is a beautifully designed and fashionable product with quite good specs. It’s especially interesting for students, people on the go and people who like something different. The colors are a little bit careful for my taste but really beautiful. Still, I hope to see deep red, deep purple, teal or mustard colored folio in the future.

About The Author

Noraly van der Hulst is a passionate front-end developer. She owns a company called Frontrend and is a new mom. Her free time she likes to spend with her camera and ofcourse her family and friends as well.

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