We haven’t been too positive about Facebook lately, but there are innovations coming to the platform that are pretty rad. At least, they seem to be. If you are single, or ready to mingle no matter what your relationship status is. Facebook has launched Dating this week. Facebook Dating is a mobile only feature within the Facebook app, which can be used for… dating!

Facebook Dating

It is actually pretty strange when you think about it: Facebook already launched in 2008, so it took them ten years to come up with the possibility of opening up your profile for dating. Especially as Tinder is making use of Facebook profiles too, it might seem a bit late for Facebook. However, it is a more friendly way of putting yourself out there, as it is more about relationships than it is about sex.

That fits Facebook quite well, as it is a pretty important way of showing people you are in a relationship. Think about the term Facebook Official, and how some people actually get into a fight because their significant other is not too crazy about making things Facebook Official. Anyway, so how does Facebook Dating work? You do not use your full Facebook profile, but instead you make a separate profile just for dating. That way people will only see your first name, and you will not have any of your friends within your potential matches. That is awesome, cause it is always a bit awkward swiping Tinder and coming across a person you know.

Just talkin’

So if both you and the other person liked each other, you are able to send each other messages in your dating profile inbox. You can’t send images through this, but you are able to talk to each other and perhaps exchange numbers. Oh, and you will get to see people based on your hobbies, mutual friends and events/groups you are both interested in. Sounds pretty nice right? Enjoy!

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