The Call for Code competition started last week. We spoke to one of the contestants: the 31 years old Elena Moroșan. She is a translator and currently lives in Romania. Why does she answer the Call?

1. Why are you joining Call for Code?

I would like to join Call for Code because it is the first time I find out that coding can be used as a realistic method to prevent loss of lives and save lives, by building apps that can help in emergency situations generated by natural disasters.

2. Why do social and medical causes motivate you the most?

Social and medical causes motivate me from two distinct, main reasons. The first is that I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and I volunteered for different social causes, the second is that in the last 10 years I studied a lot of medical articles from medical journals, being fascinated by the ways people can improve their lives. Actually, lots of friends and family suggested many times I should have studied to become a doctor, and they are right. I think health is the most precious gift in this life, from God, and if we do not put health first, we can do little to improving the other aspects of people’s lives.

3. Do you already have any ideas about what you want to create?

I think I would focus on something related to languages. Even if I studied Sociology, I also have a passion or foreign languages. I guess this is why I approached coding in the first place, I saw it like a foreign language with a set of rules (like grammar rules in linguistics), that can be learned by anyone with a little patience and a creative mind.

A lot of problems have to do with different parts of the world where there are other languages and because of this, maybe some apps fail to address different communities? I would do something related to this subject, combined with my skills in HTML, CSS and a little Javascript.

4. What kind of coding skills do you have? (and are you a beginner/medior or senior in it?)

I would consider myself a beginner to medior in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

5. Do you want to TeamUp with others or do you want to submit an idea by yourself?

I would like to Team Up with other people because each of us is unique and can bring a contribution to a build an app.

6. What do you hope Call for Code will bring you?

I really tried many times to learn to code, sometimes it was hard, sometimes I said I want to quit because I lacked enough confidence in my own abilities. I have many abilities but I use few of them in my daily job. But I realize now, at 31 years old, that if I do something not related to helping other people or making Earth a better place, I will have 0 motivation. So my biggest motivation in life comes from doing something with my creativity in service of others.

This may be related to the fact that I had a lot of struggles in life and I put a lot of faith in God and also in people, in love and in the power of community. Now I realize that coding should be seen as a beautiful way to collaborate with others, make use of our abilities and create something beautiful. It is not a job for me, it is more of a hobby and maybe a future career, so I see Call for Code as a challenge to explore ways of bringing to life my ideas and maybe, to help other people in this world.

7. What do you hope Call for Code will bring others?

I really hope this will help the coding community to realize that having an ability is not something we can use only for our personal evolution /money/ hobby, but also for a greater purpose. I have a principle in life, everything each of us does, influences not only the people around us, but also the entire humanity, in a way or another. We are all interconnected. We should be aware that by doing something for disadvantaged people, we actually do for this Earth, which is our home.

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