I cannot believe what Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams is getting into. She is so busy doing multiple movie projects and of course Game of Thrones itself, and yet she finds time to start her own tech company. It’s not the new Google or anything, but it is a social platform for creative collaboration called Daisie. Nice!

Together with Dom Santry she has teamed up to make Daisie, an app that will allow creative people to both share their portfolio’s and find eachother for collaboration. Maisie has told Techcrunch how she really does not see this as a social platform, as it does not have a follower count. She does not want it to be a contest of how many followers one has.

Daisie sounds good

I like her way of thinking, because for creative people to really stick their heads together, it does not seem right to make things too competitive. It should be quite the opposite. So she hopes filmmakers, art makers, songwriters, musicians, poets, writers and other creative people to find each other. So one singer that might be struggling getting her lyrics right, could ask help of a songwriter.

Maisie explains her angle is different. Many creative people have a hard time adjusting to the needs of other people. As with Daisie you will have your own little space to build an online resume of the work you are most proud of. You will work from what you are good at, and what you love doing. That is really awesome, as those make up for the best collaborations. Both do your own thing, and end up making something amazing together.

Daisie will be released on the 1st of August. Currently it is being tested by approximately 100 people.

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