Instagram is important for your blog. It’s almost like the business card of your website. You want it to represent you (as a person) and your blog. Not only can you promote your new blogposts, you can also give people a sneek peak behind the scenes using stories. So how can you create an Instagram theme that represents your blog?

My Instagram theme was probably harder to figure out than my blog theme. In the past year, I have switched and tried out many things until I found something that I could stick with. Having an Instagram theme means being consistent. Pictures that don’t have common elements create a chaotic feed.

In this blog I will tell you how I figured out my Instagram theme and hopefully it will give you some ideas on how to create one for your blog.

Look at your blog. What is your design like?

I like simple, white and crisp design. So when I started my blog, I looked for a theme that spoke to me. Once I had a theme, I picked out my colors on COLOURlovers. This site is amazing, and a lot of designers use it to pick a color scheme. My favorite color is pink, so obviously I found a color scheme to match.

My advice

Look at the design and colors on your blog. Do you use hard and bold colors or are you more into greytones? Do you want complex images with a lot of objects? Or are you a minimalist?

TechInHeels Instagram


Decide on the content of your photographs

Although my blog is a techblog, my target audience are fellow female bloggers just like me. Whether they write about lifestyle, fashion, or interior design, I want to appeal to the blogger community. The pictures in my feed need to be relevant to those bloggers. Therefore, I have several different subjects that I like to photograph.

My advice

Decide on what your audience wants to see. Who do you want to appeal to? And what type of content do they like?

Search for an Instagram theme

This is the fun part! It involves a lot of Instagramming, checking out everyone’s profiles and pinning to your Pinterest board. I think this process took me the longest. I had to figure out what settings on VSCO I liked the most and what would look best with different types of pictures. I dislike a lot of contrast, for example, so I have to choose settings that make my pictures appear lighter.

My advice

The best way to find inspiration is by scrolling through different profiles that stand out to you. What do their pictures look like? Dark? A lot of contrast? What filter do they use? Keep asking yourself those questions, and take notes. You can then go to Pinterest and search for “instagram themes”, and you will see many different options to edit your photos. Pick the one that best fits you and your blog.

Pinterest inspiration

Be strict

Having an Instagram theme is difficult. It means I sometimes only use 50% of the pictures I take. Some pictures don’t look good in my current theme. It’s a shame, but being consistent is important. Sometimes I do feel restricted by my theme. If I take a candid picture of something I did, I can’t just post it to my Tech in Heels page. To compensate, I still have my private personal Instagram or I use the picture for an Instagram Story. If I feel like sharing pictures, I will do it there.

My advice

Teach yourself how to take photographs. Knowing what type of content works for you, makes all the difference in the world. Keep your theme in mind when shooting photos at all times. Always edit your pictures the same way. Never stray from your photo settings!

A couple more Do’s of Don’ts


  • Take inspiration from other accounts. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  • Be yourself. Your theme needs to fit your personality and your blog
  • Be creative
  • Download editing apps such as VSCO, Faded or Snapseed (and if you have Photshop, all the better)
  • Use Pinterest as a source of inspiration


  • Use different filters or settings on your pictures. Always edit your pictures the same way!
  • Use stock photos. They are generic and are not authentic to you, so they don’t show your personality
  • Limit yourself. Be sure to choose a theme that looks good on any picture you take. Whether it’s fall or summer, a blue or pink background. Find something universal
  • Don’t expect to get it right the first time. It may take several different themes for you to settle on one you really like. Be patient with yourself

Want more tips on how to create an Instagram theme? Take a look at my guest post over at Preview App.

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Co-founder of Owner of Tech in Heels. Online communication specialist, a coder in the making & tech influencer. Loves anything pink. Instagram addicted. Purple hair, don't care!

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