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What to look for in a power bank?

My Instagram timeline is pretty clear about it: festival season is on! That means my bank account will be struggling, my friends will dislike me for putting their photos on my social media and last but not leas... Read More...

My first time on an e-bike

In the Netherlands it is pretty standard to ride a bicycle. Many mothers use it to bring their kids to school, kids use it to cycle to their sports club and there are lots of working people that go to the offic... Read More...
what is ftp

Techjargon: What is FTP

Are you entering the world of web design or development and are you stumbling upon tech jargon? I’m here to rescue you! I’m starting a series about tech jargon, and this week my post is about ‘FTP’. What is FTP... Read More...

How to become a codergirl

Woman in tech are still rare. Ever thought about becoming a coder? Don’t know where to start? Let me help you become a real codergirl. Here are a few basic steps to get you started. These snippets of code are t... Read More...

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