I would not call myself an Apple fangirl, but I do enjoy how intuitive their technology is, just like the beautiful designs of their products. It is an amazing brand with a highly interesting history, but there is also a huge pricetag on their products. So when my Apple MacBook started to wear out, I had to pick a different brand. I went for a Chromebook and that is still one of the best decisions I have ever made.


First things first, cause there is something I must admit: I am still a bit jealous when I see someone with a MacBook. They are beautiful, they have a lot of storage and they just give me this feeling of nostalgia. Especially that storage space is a thing, as my Chromebook does not have that at all, meaning I need to upload my photos in Google Drive instead of being able to store them on the laptop itself.

However, that is about the only issue I have had with my Chromebook. It has been running perfectly for 1,5 years and it works great. The things I love about it are that you can do everything with Google Suite, so you have all your files in one place that is easy to access from anywhere on this planet. And there is more, it is a very lightweight laptop that you can easily take anywhere. As it is pretty cheap, only a few hundred euros versus over 1000 euros, I am less afraid it might get stolen or smashed in my bag.


The thing I love most though, is the battery power. It really is an incredible machine when it comes to duration of its battery. I can easily get 7 hours of writing out of it just by charging it once. I have not had any strange errors with it, it easily connects to the internet and it is very easy to understand.

I am still so thrilled I have chosen this laptop, which was actually meant to be a quick option until I would have money to buy an Apple again. Now it is my main squeeze and there is no MacBook in sight.

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