Are you a tech girl on the road all the time? Then the Bamboo folio may be your new partner in crime. Read all about it in the review below.


The Wacom Bamboo Folio has a good design. It’s a nice grey folder with a subtle texture. It’s bigger then I thought it would be. The Bamboo Folio comes with its own sketching block. The sketching block feels good to write on. The paper has a good thickness to it.

bamboo folio writing

Weight and size

The Bamboo Folio is quite heavy and big. The A4 size doesn’t fit in a fashionable bag because it’s bigger than an A4 format. The folio is a great tool to take with you on the road. Personally, I would go for the smaller size for on the road. The big size is great for desk use though.

Drawing and writing

The drawings and writings made with the Bamboo folio translate amazingly to the digital format. One downside is the lack of layers. You can only save the complete image at once. For some export opportunities, you’ve to get a paid license. It would have been nice if all the export opportunities were included in the purchase price. When you use a loose sketchbook on the folio, you can change the orientation during sketching. Which is logical, but easy to forget.

bamboo folio result

One the left my writings – On the right the output

The Pen

The pen has a nice grip but it is a little bulky at the tip. Writing and drawing with the pen is fine. It would be great if you could change the tip to a pencil and an eraser. Now it’s just a pen and you can’t erase anything.


The Bamboo Folio is a nice affordable gadget for on the road when you get the small edition and for on your desk when you choose the big one. It has a nice design and great feel to it. There are some areas for improvements, but there aren’t necessary. I can see me using it in my daily working environment.

Review for the techgirl on the road: Bamboo Folio
Weight and size7
Drawing and writing9.5
The pen8.5
8.3Overall Score

About The Author

Noraly van der Hulst is a passionate front-end developer. She owns a company called Frontrend and is a new mom. Her free time she likes to spend with her camera and ofcourse her family and friends as well.

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