One of the TechGirls loves to ask Siri where she should be going on her first, second or third date. I’ve got to admit, it is quite hilarious. There is some next level stuff out there though, and I am happy I stumbled upon this little gem: Alexa, the assistant on Amazons Echo that is rapping together with Too Many T’s.

Too Many T’s is a rap duo from London who was having fun with the voice app in their studio. They make Alexa sing along with their rhymes, which is pretty funny. You can actually do it with your own Echo Dot, which they explain in a video. If you own an Echo, I would highly recommend this, but make sure the device is set to U.S. English and make sure it responds to Alexa.

Alexa rapping

If you do not own an Echo Dot, I can totally relate, it is hard to live in a tech world without having a home robot like Echo Dot. You can still have fun with Alexa and Too Many T’s though, here they are:

What is Echo Dot?

Echo Dot is a small device that responds to voice and is able to give spoken feedback. Alexa is the assisting app on the device, so therefore the rappers use Alexa’s name and not anyone else’s. You can just talk to the device, that is connected to the internet, to order stuff on Amazon, to play music, set timers, ask random questions and control your smart home for example.

It is really a pretty futuristic thing, that is able of much more than just rapping! There is an Echo and an Echo Dot, which are mainly different when it comes to the quality of the speaker. So especially if you want to listen to music with it, you might want to get Echo Dot for a better listening experience.

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