GIFs – those fun, moving images – made a comeback… to Instagram! Giphy has been popular in Twitter and Facebook for a long time, but Instagram adopted this service as well. You can now use GIFs within your Instagram Stories. Aaaaawesome

5 steps on how to add GIFs to your Instagram Stories

  1. Open your Instagram app and choose (+) to add images to your Instagram Stories.
  2. Take a photo/video or choose a photo/video from your library.
  3. Click on the icon to add stuff to your visual (f.e. a poll, a hashtag or a location).
  4. Choose ‘GIF’. Here you’ll see all popular GIFs. Search for GIFs using ‘search’.
  5. Pick a GIF by selecting it and putting it in the right place in your photo/video.

Simple as that! If you put a GIF on a photo, your phone will save it as a video. Feel free to experiment with glitters, bubbles and hearts!

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