It’s not just an oven: it’s an air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster and warming drawer. June Oven is the newest smart oven on the market and it is made by Matt van Horn and his team. TechCrunch did an interview with him and it is fun to learn more about this beautiful kitchen appliance.

June Oven

June Oven is a standalone oven that you can basically put anywhere you want. Its design is very current, making it a good choice for pretty much any home. The only question I have is: is it really that smart? It has a very nice touchscreen on the front of the window and you can tell the thing what you are cooking: veggies, meat, cake or frozen snacks, but those are things that are possible in a lot of ovens. June Oven apparently has over one hundred tap-cook programs, so it seems to be a lot more intelligent than your random Ikea oven.

It also preheats a lot quicker than you would expect it to. It will be three times as fast as a normal oven. Great stuff, cause I always feel the 15 minutes it takes my parents Boretti to preheat is such a waste of energy. June Oven seems a bit small, but it will actually fit a pizza of 12 inch and a pretty big chicken, in case you are a meatlover. Those are pretty standard things too though, what really makes June Oven smart is the techie part: there is an app.

There is an app!

With the app you can turn it on and off wherever you are. You can even see live how your food is cooking. You will receive a notification when the food is ready, so you can go and entertain your guests while your oven does the rest. You can even use Alexa to tell June what to do, so that means you are telling one robot to tell the other robot to heat your food. Sounds exciting!


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